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JSmol is the tentative name for an alternative to Jmol applet that does not require Java but instead renders the molecular models in a webpage using just JavaScript and HTML5 features. This opens up the use of Jmol not only in PC's, Mac's and Linux's systems without Java installed, but also in tablets and phones (iOS, Android) that do not allow Java or applets, but support HTML5 standards in their web browser. When used together with Jmol JavaScript Object (Jmol-JSO), the same webpage may be authored to run in all devices using in each case a Jmol variety that is adjusted to each one's capabilities.

JSmol allows rendering, scripting and interaction with the models just as Jmol does, since the source code is shared by both. It runs entirely client-side.

JSmol is still in the development stage (Oct. 2012). There are no downloadable files yet, but you can visit a sample test page.