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Please add here links or information about tutorials designed to learn the use of Jmol, either as final user, script author or web page author.

Jmol / JSmol Tutorials


in English

  • Using Jmol Export to Web feature. - A tutorial on making live Jmol pages without writing any .html, css or javascript. Also includes brief introductions to ways of modifying what Jmol displays. Designed as a place to start for student assignments and making web based tutorials. - J. Gutow, Univ. Wisc. Oshkosh.
  • An Introduction to Jmol Scripting - Nathan Silva and David Marcey, part of The Online Macromolecular Museum Exhibits, California Lutheran University.
  • Studying Protein and Nucleic Acid Structure with Jmol - Jeffrey A. Cohlberg (California State University, Long Beach) A series of self-guided exercises by which students learn how to use Jmol and the PDB as they are learning the principles of protein and nucleic acid structure. ISBN-13: 978-1-319-01259-5 or 978-1-319-01258-8 (Ebook, Macmillan Education)

in German / auf Deutsch

in Spanish / en español

On paper

in English

  • How to use Jmol to study and present molecular structures, Vol.1
© Angel Herráez, 2007. ISBN 978-1-84799-259-8. Published by info.

in Spanish / en español

  • Cómo utilizar Jmol para estudiar y presentar estructuras moleculares, Vol.1
© Angel Herráez, 2007. ISBN 978-1-84753-710-2. Publicado por info.