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Summer of Code

In 2005 Google started an initiative called the Summer of Code, in which students would get a three month grant to work on an open source project. This successful try was continued in 2006. For one reason or the other, none of the Blue Obelisk projects participated.

The concept was picked up by other organizations too, in 2006. For example:

Project Ideas

Ideas for projects can be listed below, preferably with a wiki page behind it giving details. Keep in mind that a student must be able to complete it in three months.

  • Establishment of an Ajax-JS server, and demonstration of its use
  • Support for PDB Markup Language (the XML variant of the PDB format, see
  • Rendering of pharmacophores

Establishment of an Ajax-JS server

This project would involve building one or more simple server-side applications (using PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, etc.) that would deliver molecular data files on demand in the form of JavaScript and a set of client-based methods to utilize those data feeds. In addition, this person would work with established data providers to implement means by which their molecular data files could be delivered via JavaScript in the form of HTML <script> src fields and through the dynamic creation of DOM script nodes.