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This section intends to collect material by some users that may be useful to other users.

Feel free to add your material!

For example:

Jmol icons

(.ico files cannot be shown on the webpage, but you can download them)

These are not very good-looking, but something for a start.

File:Jmol75x29x8.ico Windows icon, with just "Jm" taken from Jmol logo. 256 colors, transparent background.

File:Jmol 16 32.ico Windows icon, "J" from Jmol logo, together with a ball&sticks small model. 2 resolutions (16, 32px), 256 colors, transparent background.

Jmol images, graphics or logos

on a separate page

Templates for creating Jmol webpages

Reusable scripts

"Basic" spin toggle

Quite trivial, but compact and useful. However, if other scripts, controls, or the user change the spin status, the checkbox will need to be reset accordingly using javascript. (To avoid this limitation, see the "foolproof" solution below)

It will work with any version of Jmol (as long as Jmol.js is being used in the web page).

jmolCheckbox("spin on", "spin off", "spin", false)

if the model is initially not spinning (the default);


jmolCheckbox("spin on", "spin off", "spin", true)

if the model is initially spinning (due to another script).

(The word "spin" above can be changed to any other text you like.)

"Foolproof" spin toggle

Reads the current spin status from the applet and changes it, so it can cope with any other previous change via script, popup menu, page controls, etc.

Only compatible with Jmol 11.x (as long as Jmol.js is being used in the web page).

jmolButton("show spin", "toggle spin")

(If you prefer jmolLink, it can be used in the same manner.)

(The words "toggle spin" above can be changed to any other text you like.)

You must include these additional pieces of code:

Somewhere between <script> tags (recommended: within the head section):

function messageProcess(a,b)
{	a = a.substring("jmolApplet".length)	
        // a will start with "jmolApplet": strip and leave just the ID part
	if ( b.indexOf("set spin") != -1 )
	{	if ( b.indexOf("spin on") != -1 ) //was spinning
		{	jmolScript("spin off", a) 
		else //was not spinning
		{ 	jmolScript("spin on", a) 

and somewhere between <script> tags, after the call to jmolInitialize() and before the call to jmolApplet():

jmolSetCallback("messageCallback", "messageProcess")

(The word "messageProcess" above can be changed to any other text you like, as long as it is the same in the above two sections of code.)