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Jmol/JSmol Community

Solid State Community

This subcommunity of for Jmol users that use Jmol for display and analysis of solid state structures.

Supported File Formats

ABINIT output is supported.

Tips from Users

This section is where you can add tips on how to use Jmol within the context of solid state chemistry.

  • Silicates can be displayed with polyhedra. Try the script command: "polyhedra bonds". --- Egon Willighagen

What we would like to have in Jmol

The project is lacking manpower and could do with more developers, so development is not going top speed. Nevertheless, it's good to decide on what we would like to see added. So please add you requests here, and discuss what others have suggested.


NicolasVervelle, Geoffr, Pimpim