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Jmol + JSmol Documentation


Jmol runs without problems on Linux machines using Sun's java virtual machines, both as Applet as well as Application. Running the application has not been tried with other virtual machines or compilers, like Kaffe.

Binary Jmol Packages

Binary package are available for Debian, see Debian.


  • What I would very much like to see, is a KDE GUI for Jmol. That is, a GUI that is completely independant of Swing and thus runs with free virtual machines, e.g. Kaffe. -- Egon Willighagen

SUSE 10.2 Linux i686 (x86_64)

Couldn't get Jmol to launch with memory overflow messages from script when I've had no problems from SUSE other distros on 32 bit. The message log file showed ALERT - script tried to increase memory-limit to 20971520 bytes which is above the allowed value

Solution that worked for me after debugging as root was to launch current java binary calling jar file with user permissions in user home subdirectory: eg

/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun-1.5.0_update12/jre/bin/java -jar {HOME}/jmol-11.2.9/Jmol.jar

with {HOME} being your own home directory fully specified, eg /home/anuser.

I disabled launch feedback with KDE menu editor options.

Presumably the symbolic links are not where Jmol expects them in with jvm so there will be other solutions. ChaseKiwi