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Jmol / JSmol Applications

Jmol users, please add your (X)HTML website, name beginning A-L, here.


For Websites M-Z, see Websites Using Jmol.

  • AnchorQuery Specialized pharmacophore search for targeting protein-protein interactions with MCR chemistry. University of Pittsburgh.
  • Aptanomics Intranet The Jmol applet is used to explore the structure of molecules in our database. - Aptanomics SA, Lyon, France.
  • Apuntes de Biología Molecular by M. Gonzalo Claros - Universidad de Málaga, Málaga (Spain).
  • Arduengo Research Group X-ray Structures The Jmol applet is used to depict X-ray structures obtained by the research group of Prof. A.J. Arduengo (Structures entry under Structures Link. - University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, U.S.A.
  • Atlas of Macromolecules is a browsable list of over 150 3D protein or nucleic acid structures, many with snapshots, and each with links for viewing in FirstGlance in JSmol.

  • Banco de Datos de Moleculas Interactivas is an undergoing project to provide High School and Higher Education Students and Teachers with tools to develop a throughly chemistry teaching experience.-in Spanish, by Einar Coutin, Universidad de Los Andes (Venezuela).
  • Biochemistry for Medical Students--Protein Structure and Function Examples of protein structures relevant to medicine. --Eric Walters, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (USA).
  • Biomodel Teaching resources and self-guided learning for structure and interaction of biomolecules: amino acids, carbohydrates, stereoisomerism, lipids, lipid bilayer, proteins, nucleic acids, nucleic acid-protein complexes, biopolymers - in Spanish, by Angel Herráez, Universidad de Alcalá (Spain). Also some sections duplicated in English. -- User may choose Jmol or JSmol.
  • Biomolecular Explorer 3D designed to give high school biology teachers easy access to interactive 3D structures of biologically significant molecules. Website and CD-ROM.
  • Biomolecules at Kenyon Jmol tutorials created by Kenyon College undergraduates.
  • BioROM Ayudas para el aprendizaje de bioquímica, biotecnología y biología molecular - Material in Spanish, a collaboration among several universities from Spain and Chile. Website and CD-ROM.
  • Biotopics 3-D structures of simple Biological molecules - carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, other compounds of Biological interest.
  • BioWiki DokuWiki with Jmol applet - users can place 3D-molecular models anywhere in this wiki easily.
  • Browser-linked Chemkin-style thermodynamic database Demo for linking chemical nicknames & structures without altering a legacy database.


Websites Using Jmol: M-Z