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How to report a bug in Jmol ?

If you find something that looks like a bug in Jmol, you should post a mail in one of the Jmol Mailing Lists :

  • Preferably in the Jmol users list jmol-users@lists.sf.net, where you can get help for several people to decide if it's really a bug and maybe find a way to go around it.
  • There's also the Jmol developers list jmol-developers@lists.sf.net, but less people are receiving mails from this list and developers are also receiving mails from the users list, so use this list only if you're absolutely sure it's a bug.

Once the bug has been confirmed, you can open a Bug Report.

If you want to submit a patch, you can open a Patch Request.

If you think of a new feature to add to Jmol, you can discuss it in the mailing lists or open a Feature Request.