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(Page under construction; please feel free to add what you know)


Vincent Scalfani's presentation: Accessing 3D printable structures online

Vincent F. Scalfani, Antony J. Williams, Robert M. Hanson, Jason E. Bara, Aileen Day, and Valery Tkachenko. 248th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, August 13, 2014

File repositories for 3D models

NIH 3D Print Exchange


Target audience and data is for biomedical applications (e.g., anatomy, labware, protein and macromolecular structures, bacteria, cells).

Searchable by names and phrases. This seems to work well for the target data.

RSC Crystal Data Repository


One of four planned new RSC repositories (crystals, compounds, reactions, and spectra). Currently contains:

  • The entire Crystallography Open Database (COD) of 289 395 .cif and 48 022 .hkl files of molecules and extended solids;
  • 3D Printable Files: 31 239 .wrl files (color printing) and 11 732 .stl files

Still in beta mode, you can manually browse through files. Repository will soon have a user interface that is fully searchable (name, structure, formula, SMILES, InChI, and others) with deposition and crowd-source curation/annotation platform.

3D printing services


Rzepa, AngelHerraez, Yobi3d