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Jmol Export to Web application

"Export to Web" (a.k.a. Jmol Web Page Maker) is a module included in the Jmol Application. Its purpose is to offer a user-friendly, basic, easy to learn way of producing simple webpages that include Jmol Applets with molecular views that the user has prepared but still retain full-featured Jmol interactivity.

ExportToWeb opening.pngExportToWeb window.png

Former Jmol versions

With Jmol versions before 13.2, the use of E2W is described in Jonathan Gutow's tutorial in English (y en español).

Newer Jmol versions

Due to changes in the distribution file scheme in Jmol v. 13.2 and later (associated to the evolution towards Jmol-JSO and JSmol), you need to do some extra preparation before E2W will work successfully.