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Rendering in Jmol can be needlessly complicated for a beginner, or one who is used to simple Chime scripting. The Jmol menu isn't much help, because it offers standard schemes under the Style submenu, but doesn't provide them in scripting!

To help with that, here's the way the standard styles (from the Jmol menu) are rendered in Jmol script; the script elements are shown in quotation marks:

Space-filling: "spacefill 100%;" Ball-and-stick: "wireframe 0.2; spacefill 20%;" Stick model: "wireframe 0.3; spacefill 0;" Wireframe: "wireframe 0.01; spacefill 0;"

A note to Jmol developers: it would be helpful to have a single command within Jmol that would implement the standard Jmol rendering styles!

--BergerBluffton 18:33, 2 September 2007 (CEST)