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The JmolWiki Blacklist is a list of domain names which are considered spam. This page is protected and can only be edited by administrators.

When you want to add a new domain name, you have to do the following things :

  • Decide which domain to add : when you see a spam linking to an URL in the form http://xxx.yyy.zzz/url, you have to decide if you want to add xxx.yyy.zzz or yyy.zzz (more restrictive than the first one).
  • Encode the domain name so that it becomes a regular expression: replace the . by \.. For example, if you want to ban yyy.zzz, the regular expression will be yyy\.zzz
  • Edit the list, adding the new domain name in the list. The domain names are sorted alphabetically but starting from the last part of the domain name (zzz in the above example).