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Several pieces of the Jmol application (like the About Jmol dialog and the Export to Web help, instructions and templates) are written as html files.

For these, we do not use the standard way of translation; instead, translators need to prepare translated copies of the html files.


  1. Locate the relevant files.
    • Files for "About Jmol" dialog are in org/openscience/jmol/app/jmolpanel/
    • Files for "Export to Web" module are in org/openscience/jmol/app/webexport/html/
  2. Duplicate the original English files and rename them according to your language:
    • The file name should end in _xx.html, where "xx" is your language code.
      Example: File icon.gifAbout.html original English must be duplicated to:
      • File icon.gifAbout_pt.html for Portuguese
      • File icon.gifAbout_pt-BR.html for Brazilian Portuguese
  3. Edit the files (using a text or html editor) and translate their content. Save.
  4. Either upload the files to the SVN system (if you have the privileges to do so) or send them to one of the developers ( or