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Parameters of the Info variable,
compared across modalities

This is an alphabetical listing of the parameters available in the Info variable, with indication of the modality of Jmol Object to which they are applicable.

For details on the use and meaning of each parameter, please visit Jmol JavaScript Object/Info and Lightweight_JSmol#Parameters

Jmol Object modalities
Java HTML5 Lightweight
addSelectionOptions yes yes yes
animframecallback yes yes no
appletreadycallback yes yes no
atommovedcallback yes yes no
bondWidth no no yes
color yes yes yes
console yes yes no
coverCommand yes? yes no
coverImage yes? yes no
coverTitle yes? yes no
debug yes yes yes
defaultModel yes yes yes
deferApplet yes? yes no
deferUncover yes? yes no
disableInitialConsole ? yes no
disableJ2SLoadMonitor ? yes no
echocallback yes yes no
evalcallback yes yes no
height yes yes yes
hovercallback yes yes no
isSigned yes no no
j2sPath no yes no
jarFile yes no no
jarPath yes no no
language yes yes no
loadstructcallback yes yes no
measurecallback yes yes no
memoryLimit yes no no
menuFile yes yes no
messagecallback yes yes no
minimizationcallback yes yes no
mouseDragFactor no no yes
multipleBondSpacing no no yes
pickcallback yes yes no
pinchScaling no no yes
readyFunction yes yes ?
resizecallback yes yes no
script yes yes no
scriptcallback yes yes no
serverURL yes yes ?
shadeAtoms no no yes
spin no no yes
spinFPS no no yes
spinRateX no no yes
spinRateY no no yes
src yes yes yes
synccallback yes yes no
touchDragFactor no no yes
use yes
usecommandthread yes no no
width yes yes yes
z yes yes ?
zIndexBase yes yes yes
zoomScaling no no yes