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Testing accented characters in links set by Jmol MediaWiki Extension

All these links should read atención

Directly entered (ó):

Hex Unicode entity (ó):

Dec Unicode entity (ó):

Hex Unicode percent (%F3):

In a button:

Embedding applet in wiki page

Jmol can read this format (not from file, just from a text string) as long as it can connect to a server that will do the conversion to a 2D or 3D format. To do this, you put a dollar sign before the SMILES string, or you use the smiles parameter. Note that the unsigned applet is not allowed connection to external servers ad so does not support this method.

Example, for isopentane:

load $CCC(C)C
load "$CCC(C)C"
load smiles "CCC(C)C"

Test here: