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Test for the Jmol Extension for MediaWiki

Pop-up models

A user action will open a popup window with a model.

jmolFile tag

The link cyclohexane will open a popup window displaying Chair.cml taken from this wiki

<jmolFile text='cyclohexane'>Chair.cml</jmolFile>

jmolMol tag

The link in your coffee will open a popup window displaying caffeine. También algo en el café

<jmolMol text='something in your coffee'>caffeine</jmolMol>

and something in vinegar

jmolSmiles tag

The link nitrobenzene will open a popup window displaying nitrobenzene

<jmolSmiles text='nitrobenzene'>c1ccccc1[N+](=O)[O-]</jmolSmiles>

jmolPdb tag

The link adipocyte lipid binding protein will open a popup window displaying 1ab0.pdb. Esta es una proteína que une lípidos

<jmolPdb text='adipocyte lipid binding protein'>1ab0</jmolPdb>

jmolAppletButton tag

jmolAppletLink tag

Adipocyte lipid binding protein

Pop-in models

User action will insert a model within the page.

jmolAppletInlineButton tag

Using urlContents

jmolAppletInlineLink tag

Using uploadedFileContents


jmolApplet tag with cover image

The JSmol model is inserted when clicking on the image. Here using uploadedFileContents

Cyclohexane, chair conformation

In-page models

A model is inserted as part of the page at page load time.

jmolApplet tag

Using uploadedFileContents

A model stored in a file in this wiki

Chair conformation of cyclohexane

Using urlContents

A file retrieved from the PDB

Murine adipocyte lipid binding protein at pH 4.5 (1AB0.pdb)

Using inlineContents

This is 1-propanol

Using wikiPageContents

This is 2-propanol

Data read from the page Models/2-propanol

Using script

This box has a message, but might hold a 3D model