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This wiki is using several anti-spam features:

  • Proxy blocking: Proxy blocking prevents the creation of an account from an address listed as an open proxy. Or if the account was already created, before the Proxy blocking started working or from a not listed address, blocks the saving.
  • SpamBlacklist extension: The black list extension blocks the page saving if it contains any of the urls listed in the Wikimedia black list.

Jmol Wiki custom black list

If there is a URL that is not in the Wikimedia black list enter it in this Wiki's custom black list.

If, to the contrary, you need to allow a URL that is being blocked by black lists external to Jmol Wiki but automatically included, you may enter it manually into the custom whitelist.

What to do when a page has been vandalized

First, go in the Recent Changes page. Several different situations can occur for a vandalized page:

  • An existing page has been vandalized but no other modifications have been made since:
    • click on the diff link to see the changes made in the last edition.
    • click on the rollback link.
  • An existing page has been vandalized and other modifications have been made since:
    • click on the hist link to see the history of changes.
    • click on the last correct version (click on the date) to visualize the last correct version.
    • click on the edit tab to edit the correct version.
    • enter a Summary (Reverted spam for example) and click on the Save page button.
  • A new page has been created:
    • a sysop can delete the page.

The user that vandalized the page should be blocked. Simply go in the Recent Changes page, and select block near the user name (sysop only) to go to the Block user page. Enter Indefinite in the Expiry field and a comment in the Reason field. Click on the Block this user button.