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Proposals for alternative menus

Redesign of the default pop-up menu

Update: Part of the proposals below were implemented in Jmol 14.6, yielding an improved, simpler menu: Menu redesign 4.png

--AngelHerraez 12:00, 11 May 2016 (CEST)


  • Frequent operations like rendering styles (cartoon, trace, ball and stick) are currently involving 3 or 4 submenus; same for coloring.
  • The regular user may not realize that most of the times the styles need to be applied to the atoms, all other elements just inherit style and color.


  • Simplify the most frequent operations by bringing atom style and color options to the first level submenus.

Menu redesign 1.png Menu redesign 2.png

  • Another addition: for Boundbox, Axes and UnitCell there is currently a checkbox (display/hde) plus a submenu that controls the display (off) and style (dotted, px width, Å width in several submenus). The proposal merges all these into a single menu entry:

Menu redesign 3.png

To test the changed menu live, download this file, save it to a known location and load it into Jmol using this command:

 load menu "somePath/"

For more information about using custom menus like this, both in the Jmol Application and in JSmol within a webpage, please visit Custom Menus.