Persistent Parameters

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Persistent parameters

Associated to the app/applet and hence maintained when a new molecule is loaded:


background <color>
set ambientPercent <number>
set diffusePercent <number>
set specular <boolean>
set specularPercent <number>
set specularPower <number>
set specularExponent <number>


set autoBond <boolean>
set forceAutoBond <boolean>
set percentVdwAtom <number>
set bondRadiusMilliAngstroms <number>
set minBondDistance <number>
set bondTolerance <number>
set defaultLattice <coordinates>
set allowEmbeddedScripts <boolean>
set defaultLoadScript <text>

Other settings

set defaultColorScheme <text>
set showMeasurements <boolean>
set showHydrogens <boolean>
set perspectiveDepth <boolean>
color <element> <color>
set axesUnitcell;

Nonpersistent parameters

These are reset when the model is removed (or another model is loaded).

Everything else, including e.g.:

  • orientation
  • spinning
  • colors
  • sizes
  • visibility
  • labels
  • atom selection