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The command set platformSpeed = n allows to define which features will not be rendered while the model is being rotated, translated or otherwise is moving in any way (e.g. animation by moveTo).

This is aimed at achieving a smoother behaviour in resource-limited devices (like tablets), particularly while using JSmol in HTML5 modality (however, it is effective under all modalities, as well as in the Jmol application).

Lower values provide a stronger restriction of features, and so are appropriate for less powerful devices.

When the movement stops, all features will be displayed in any case.

Is this feature displayed during rotation and movement?
(a dark cell means the feature is not displayed)
set platformSpeed =
solid atoms (balls) and solid bonds (sticks)          
cartoons, ribbons, trace, rockets (biopolymer schematics)             
draw, isosurfaces, MO, contact, pmesh, lcaocartoon, CGO              


  • The deafult is set platformSpeed = 10 (right now, equivalent to 9 and 8)
  • set platformSpeed = 8 displays everything during movement.
  • set platformSpeed = 1 is equivalent to set wireframeRotation on (now deprecated).
  • set platformSpeed = 0 is reserved (for 'auto', whatever that means).

See the scripting documentation for the full reference.