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Jmol MediaWiki Extension

What's new in version 5

  • Compatible with MediaWiki 1.32 (Tested with PHP 7.0-7.3, MySQL 5.6)
  • Needs Jmol 14.29.32 or later.
  • All the previous documented tags have been verified and are operative.
  • International characters accepted as part of the text, link, or button.
  • New tag jmolMol retrieves models by name or id from the Cactus server or any other server designated by the wiki administrator (e.g. PubChem, Open Crystallography Database, ...).
  • New tags jmolAppletInlineLink and jmolAppletInlineButton that allow to insert in the page the JSmol panel only upon user action.
  • New subtag image inside tag jmolApplet is now operative, displaying an image that is replaced by an in-line JSmol panel when the user clicks.
  • Richer text for information allowed in pop-up JSmol panels (window title and caption below the model)
  • Control buttons (spin, quality, popup) are internationalized now and will display texts matching the language selected in wiki user preferences (currently supported: English, French, Spanish).
  • The high quality (toggle button) now activates cartoonFancy in addition to antialiasImage (if allowed by the value of platformSpeed)
  • CSS classes allow to customize buttons, links and JSmol panels across the whole wiki.