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I am Professor of Chemistry at Messiah College, Grantham, PA, USA. For 15+ years I have been working with biomolecular visualization and computation. I first developed tutorials using HyperChem to visualize structures and do computations and using Toolbook to present descriptive material, ask questions and evaluate student responds that were given in HyperChem and sent to Toolbook. When I became aware of Chime, I focused most of my work on protein structure and function and used Protein Explorer and PiPEs as they became available. When MolSlides became a feature of PE, I developed an assignment for biochemistry students to make MolSlides of a protein of their choice. In the early years of this work I received a variety of internal grants, and in more recent years I have been receiving release time from teaching. The realization that Chime is on its death bed gave my sabbatical leave for Fall '07 a new focus. During the Summer '07 I got serious about learning Jmol, ported most of the PiPEs to Jmol, converted the last of the HyperChem scripts to Jmol scripts. For these tutorials and most of the new ones I have made during my sabbatical leave I am using alpha-versions of Jmol Tutorial-Authoring Template being made by Eric Martz. In the Spring '08 I changed the Biochemistry assignment to making a series of PowerPoint slides using First Glance in Jmol to capture static images and PolyView to capture images that rock or rotate.

My tutorials are at Molecular Science Lab (