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Hi there

I'm writing on behalf of my wife who is a tutor in the Chemistry Department at Massey University in New Zealand. She has inherited a website that was developed by a technician who, sadly, has died. It displays a number of molecular-bonding-related images using Jmol, and they've all stopped working. My wife knows nothing about Jmol (and neither do I). We've tried downloading the newest version of Java, and enabling Java in the web browser, and using a different browser (Chrome and Explorer) Here's the code for one of the images:

<applet name="progressbar" id="jmolAppletwin5" code="JmolApplet" archive="JmolApplet0.jar" codebase="" width="1000" height="500" mayscript="true"></applet>

It displays the following error message

Jmol developer alert PLease use jmol.js. You are missing the require (sic) 'progressbar' parameter. <param name='progressbar' value='true'/>

I tried putting the <param> tag after </applet>. No good. I tried putting param name='progressbar' value='true' in front of </applet>, Also no good.

Can someone help? If you can, please email me at pdotlyonsatparadisedotnetdotnz. It's the middle of the semester, so it could cause problems if the students can't get at any of the images (there are quite a number)

Thanks Paul Lyons

Hi Paul. I've replied to you, you should receive an email. --AngelHerraez 12:16, 11 March 2013 (CET)


Plyons, AngelHerraez