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Jmol / JSmol Applications

This page collects operating systems and software suites that include Jmol.

There is another page devoted to (Java) applications where Jmol is a part of the application, at code level.

  • JmolEdu is a Windows installer (in French) with a (very small for the moment) collection of molecules files. The aim of this work is to help young students to install and use Jmol.
JmolEdu website
  • SageMath is an open source alternative to Mathematica, Maple, MatLab, etc. that uses Jmol for 3-D plot visualizations.
  • Mandriva One 2010 Spring is a Linux distribution in the from of a live CD that can also be installed. It includes Jmol.
  • Prolinux is a Linux distribution released in Brazil by Flux Softwares. It includes the Jmol application.
Demonstration (video in YouTube)
  • VigyaanCD is a live bootable Linux CD containing ready to use modeling software for bioinformatics, computational biology and computational chemistry. A special edition for GAMESS-US includes Jmol.
  • Xplora Knoppix is a live bootable DVD [1] full of material for science education. Release 2.0 (2007) includes Jmol 10.2 application, as well as several webpages that use Jmol applet. The Xplora project is run by European Schoolnet, a network of Ministries of Education across Europe.


1. Knoppix is a live distribution of Linux, based on Debian GNU/Linux. The term live distribution means that the operating system --Linux-- is running from the DVD instead of being installed on the hard disk of the computer. The advantages of the concept are, that you get a preconfigured self booting DVD with a lot of software installed and ready to run without configuration.