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Jmol / JSmol Applications

Jmol can be embedded in wiki pages using special processors.

If you know a Wiki which uses Jmol, and which is not in the list below, please add it.

  • The Jmol wiki
  • EcoliWiki
  • Imperial College London introductory molecular mechanics modelling course (uses MediaWiki).
  • Imperial College London Advanced molecular modelling course (uses MediaWiki).
  • PDBwiki - PDB community annotation
  • Proteopedia - a collaborative, 3D encyclopedia of proteins and other molecules. Based on MediaWiki and its Jmol Extension. Uses a simple custom tag for embedding JmolApplet instances. Contains a page for every entry in the PDB (>50,000 pages), with a Jmol view that highlights functional sites and ligands. Offers an easy-to-use scene-authoring tool so you don't have to learn Jmol script language to create customized molecular scenes. Custom scenes are easily attached to "green links" in descriptive text that display those scenes in Jmol.
  • SklogWiki - a wiki for thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and the computer simulation of materials.
  • - the Organic Reactions wiki