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Jmol + JSmol Documentation

Default colors used by Jmol

Several users have asked about a guide to colors used by Jmol by default.

This documentation is now available on Jmol website here. Suggestions are welcome for future improvements, via jmol-users mailing list.

The plan is:

  • colors for atoms (by element) --done
  • colors for chains --done
  • colors for groups / residues --done
  • alternative color patterns: Jmol, Rasmol, DRuMS --partly done
  • anything else?

Support for isotopes

Common isotopes are recognized by Jmol and colored slightly lighter or darker than the element color:

2H = D = deuterium = [xFFFFC0]
3H = T = tritium = [xFFFFA0]
11C = [xD8D8D8] (added on 29 Nov. 2007)
13C = [x505050]
14C = [x404040]
15N = [x105050]