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Reference: English – Other: 日本語 ·

Updating an existing translation for the Jmol application/applet is quite easy. Only a few steps are required to update the translation.

1. Download the files for the translation:

Download File icon.gifJmol-LANG.po from the Jmol directory.

Download File icon.gifJmolApplet-LANG.po from the JmolApplet directory.

Note: LANG means your language code: e.g. de for German, fr for French and so on.

2. Install an editor for .po files:

See step 2 in the explanations for adding a new translation.

3. Translate File icon.gifJmol-LANG.po and File icon.gifJmolApplet-LANG.po:

See step 4 in the explanations for Internationalisation/Offline/New translation|adding a new translation]].

4. Send the two .po files to a Jmol developer, so they will be added in the next Jmol release.


(sourceforge mail addresses may refuse mails with .zip attachments, so don't zip the files)


NicolasVervelle, Cudo29